CRANCHI 78 Settantotto

A new dimension of beauty

The Cranchi 78 made its premiere in boot Dusseldorf 2020 and is the new flagship model of Cranchi Yachts. In its 25 meters, you’ll find its grandeur as a whole and the impeccable attention to detail.

The 25 meter Settantotto is a grand exhibit, crafted with the utmost attention to detail; a concept of beauty that is both modern and classic, essential but not minimal…timeless. She has a fluid form without distinct edges, conveying a natural sense of balance.

The design choices by Christian Grande – who worked closely with the Shipbuilding Research Centre- are not excessive, forced or aggressive. Yet this model exhibits the power that you can expect from any flagship. Her smooth and muscular forms are equipped to take on the sea in any condition: the perfect hull, a tall and splaying bow, and a pronounced gunwale.

Also, the expressive combination of colors used for the structure and superstructure, the latter being visibly lighter, has enhanced the yacht’s sleek and sinuous forms and the feeling of sheer amazement when you discover the spacious environments and generous volumes dedicated to the internal areas, filled with natural light, as can be seen from the symmetrical subtractions in the hull, on the main and lower decks.

Freedom without boundaries

The main deck and fly comprise large open spaces with dedicated areas for socialising and relaxing, from bow to stern. There is also an adjoining beach platform which can be accessed safely and easily. The beach deck includes a lift which can be raised, lowered or moved forward. The deck can also be transformed into an immense terrace overlooking the sea, thanks to the extra surface area provided by the teak clad garage. The garage storage compartment comprises a large space for tender and a jet ski which can be separated from the area closest to the beach used for the chaise longues.

Abundant space, elegance and functionality are also features of the square deck where the kitchen, living room and relaxation area are distributed optimally. There is also an extra bathroom on the main deck, an unusual component for a yacht of this size.

Your new comfort zone

The layout below deck comprises four en-suite cabins: three large doubles and one twin bed. All the beds are positioned lengthways along the bow-stern axis to guarantee maximum comfort while you rest. The rooms are furnished in a refined and elegant style. The full beam owner’s cabin is located at the heart of the yacht with a walk in wardrobe, small study or ‘beauty corner’, making it feel like a luxury suite. Sophisticated elegance and maximum comfort are distinguishing features of the bow VIP cabin and also of the double cabin. The twin cabin which can be also used for storing equipment is also comfortable, equipped with twin beds and a separate bathroom and shower. The crew cabin, which can be accessed separately with respect to other areas of the yacht, has also a laundry room and includes a washing machine and tumble dryer. This room is located between the engine room and the owner’s cabin to ensure maximum acoustic comfort in the sleeping quarters thanks to the high quality sound insulating bulkheads.

To make your experience on board even more enjoyable and comfortable, each area is equipped with an entertainment and home automation system, which you can control easily from your smartphone or the navigation panel thanks to the Garmin glass cockpit, providing easy access to all systems.

Insulation and sound damping systems have been implemented in all areas of the yacht, with special attention to the machine room. This space has been designed with meticulous attention to detail, including design choices that facilitate access, mobility, maintenance activities and especially safety. The layout and choices of materials have also been carefully determined, prioritising stainless steel and aluminium and fibreglass fuel reserve tanks to ensure no leakage and infiltration can occur.

The machine room houses three straight six-cylinder Volvo Penta D13 each of which can reach 1000 HP when necessary. Along with IPS3 pods, these create a compact, trustworthy and manageable solution, ideal for a yacht of this size.

The machine room also houses two generators: a solution implemented to increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption as well as the likelihood of breaking down.

All the systems on board, including the fire-prevention system, represent the state-of-the-art in the nautical industry’s technology and are designed and installed in a way that facilitates their maintenance.

The Humphree system is another unrivalled design, guaranteeing stability and ideal configuration while sailing and in port, comprising stabilizing carbon fins, an interceptor blade and an electronic control unit for immediate and effective configuration corrections.

Cranchi Settantotto “made for you”

Four different moods to make the Cranchi Yachts flagship closer to your requirements and discover the decors selected by Christian Grande.

Your idea of ​​beauty

What idea of ​​attractiveness inspires you most? The nocturnal and hi-tech of Milan, the bold one of Venice, the classic one of Rome, the sunny and essential one of Siracusa?

Christian Grande in collaboration with the designers of the Research Center of Cranchi Yachts has created four different style proposals to make the interior design of the new Cranchi Settantotto unmistakable. Each owner will thus be able to choose the style and mood that best suits their tastes.

All the proposals are inspired with material and chromatic choices that reveal a refined taste and give the rooms a tone of warm and relaxed elegance with a classic and contemporary style at the same time.

Decor Siracusa

A proposal with a temperate and essential elegance. The contrasts between light and dark surfaces enhance the natural brightness of the rooms and underline the linear and clean design of the Settantotto. Light glossy lacquer with black edges, oak floors combined with the light oak of the vertical surfaces, bright marbles and dove gray fabrics on board the yacht gives a feeling of well-being.

Decor Milano

The City that never sleeps, always looking towards the future that has inspired a contemporary and harmonious decor characterised by the burnished metals in which aluminum and steel with nickel effect shine with style.

Decor Roma

True beauty is eternal. The elegant fabrics used for the vertical surfaces recall the tones of the Italian lands while the striped marbles give an unmistakable classic touch to the rooms.

Decor Venezia

Venice seduces and attracts us, it’s bold beauty has inspired a decor with surprising accents.  The orange leather, lacquers and warm-colored marbles together with the mirrored glass and amber reflections give a lively contrast between glossy and opaque surfaces. A true love at first sight.

The Cranchi flagship model was created in a highly automated factory which follows the principles of industry 4.0. The entire production process, including the use of a sophisticated mould consisting of two longitudinal sections, has been designed to ensure maximum ergonomics and guarantee the best quality in the finished product, leaving plenty of room for customisation without sacrificing the advantages and repeatable precision of mass production.

Technical data

Length overall                                   25,15 m ca / 82 ft 6 in approx.

Draft                                                   1,85 m ca / 6 ft  approx.

Beam max                                           5,76 m ca / 18 ft 10 in approx.

Dry weight                                          57 000 kg ca / 125 663 lbs approx.

Fuel capacity                                      5 920 l ca / 1 302 UK gals approx. / 1 563 US gals approx.

Fresh water capacity                      1 250 l ca / 270 UK gals approx. / 330 US gals approx.

Engines                                            Volvo Penta 3xD13 IPS 1350 (3×1000 Hp) (3×735 kw)

Grey waste water tank capacity   500 l ca / 110 UK gals approx. / 132 US gals approx.

Design                                                  Centro Studi Ricerche Cranchi

Art Direction                                      Christian Grande

Hull                                                        Aldo Cranchi

Design category                                              A

The propulsion of the boat is provided by three new Volvo Penta D13 IPS 1350 / 3 x 1000 HP / 3 x 735 kW, the most powerful engine of the IPS range. Compact in its configuration and capable of delivering great power, the D13-IPS1350 combines perfectly with the design of the hull and the use of light and resistant fibers: this way, the boat ensures lower consumption, greater autonomy, optimal peak speed, reduced vibrations and noise, comfort, reliability and duration.

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