AB 100

With a length of 30 meters, but with the possibility to register it within 24 meters, in this model AB Yachts has managed to combine perfectly two main market requirements: maximization of the internal volume available together with the ease of management of a pleasure yacht, making AB 100 versatile and suitable for many needs.

AB 100 is built with the latest generation lightweight materials, advanced composites and special bonding systems, all technologies designed and tested by AB Yachts that have now become a landmark in the world of yachting.

The performances that can be achieved are simply outstanding and unique in their kind: AB 100, equipped with nr. 3 MAN engines of 1,900 hp each and nr. 3 MJP waterjets, reaches 54 knots maximum speed, with no vibrations and in total stability and maximum comfort of navigation.

The interior is fully customizable, from the division into compartments to the interior furniture. Thanks to large side windows, the main deck is flooded with natural light to eliminate all barriers between inside and outside areas.

The outdoor areas are specially designed to enhance the moments to live in the open air, as well as the spacious sun deck and stern garage finished with refined materials that turn it into a charming beach house.

AB 100 is designed to give unique and unexpected emotions and live your cruise as an exciting experience in the utmost comfort, as only AB Yachts can offer.

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