AB 58

AB 58
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AB 58 is dedicated to people who love strong emotions: breath-taking turns, incredible acceleration and navigation in shallow water without sacrificing safety are the points of strength of this purebred. The interior furnishings are completely customizable.

Freedom is the sensation that you can feel during navigation with AB 58.AB 58 – LESS COSTS FOR MAINTENANCE.

AB 58 is an easy-to-handle and practical motoryacht.

Thanks to the waterjet propulsion, maintenance times and costs are reduced, and the haulage of the motoryacht will not be compulsory. Each control is located at its right place and systems are studied to be completely “user-friendly”.


The waterjet propulsion is superb on high sea, shallow waters and river/lake. The real advantages and remarkable points of the waterjet system are: 1) LESS VIBRATIONS ON BOARD. 2) MORE MANEUVERABILITY. 3) MORE EFFICIENCY (Lt/mile) – together with the hull’s build efficiency.


These types of boats are incredibly designed and engineered. Tank test and 3D modellation represent the basis where to start working from. Our boats are tank-tested in one of the longest pools of the world (St. Petersburg). Almost 1km-long-pool for finding the perfect efficiency of the hull.

The hull is built according to the sandwich technology, it is laminated in Kevlar with vinyl resins on epoxodic basis and vacuum-consolidated, in order to be 300x times stronger than a traditional hull!!! The exceptional V-deep hull (24° at stern), together with water jet propulsion, allows completely safe navigation and high performances with any sea conditions. Besides that, we have to underline the lack of vibration and a great stability at anchor.

The hull is completely made of Sandwich with Kevlar fibers and vinyl ester resin: all of this pledges extraordinary strength features together with an incredible lightness.


a) On the cockpit you have your own privacy: a big exclusive sheltered area that blends with the sea thanks to the wide stern platform, so that your stays st the anchor become unforgettable moments of harmony. b) The way how interiors are built is amazing! Floating floors, absence of structural bulkheads, use of structural glues. All of this allows to eliminate noises and vibrations also at the highest speed! c) By means of a unique joystick, you can move the yacht, rotate it and make the most unbelievable maneuvers. Just to give you an idea, please take a look at the attached pictures. It is an AB during a sea trial with incredibly rough sea and high waves. I am not saying you have to leave the Port with this high sea, but to prove that this boat can really face any kind of condition. It is perfect in tough conditions. It is going to be ideal on smooth and shallow waters (river / lake).


The very high cruising range allows to reach the most exclusive destinations in a very short time and without intermediate calls!

Kindly note that the waterjets systems require the normal maintenance which is ordinary on every machine.

AB YACHTS has been studying, working and manufacturing waterjet-driven-boats since late 70’s and we have been supplying successfully hundreds of units so far. As a result, AB YACHTS is the worldwide leader in the production of luxury waterjet-driven yachts.

– See more at: http://robbreport.com/Yachts-Maiora-AB-58#sthash.YYeCqt1o.dpuf